Secure SSL payments & shopping


We understand that ensuring the safety of your data and securing your payment information is of key importance when shopping online.

This page is designed to introduce you to the ways in which you can be assured your information is safe and help you shop with peace of mind online.


There are several places that you can check to see if your information is safe:

  • URL: In the URL section of 'secure' web pages (for example a login page or checkout page), check that the first part of the web address begins with HTTPS. The 'S' part of this prefix denotes the connection is 'safe'.
  • SITE NAME/ DOMAN: Some hackers will set up spoof sites that will redirect from a normally safe site that has been hacked; attempting to trick users in to logging in to their site to obtain sensitive data. Before entering secure data, check the site's URL. If it does not match, contact the business' customer service department. For example, if hacked, may redirect to This also applies to email addresses. If the sender's address does not match the business address, it may be suspect.
  • PADLOCK ICON: If a site features a closed padlock icon in the URL bar on sensitive pages (for example an account login page or checkout), this denotes a safe connection.
  • SSL CERTIFICATE: Most ecommerce sites are required to run with an SSL Certificate, which is designed to encrypt the information transmitted, making it harder for hackers to access. Further information about SSL certificates is below. utilizes the latest SSL technology to ensure your shopping experience is a safe and positive one.


Most online stores function using an SSL certificate. SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer", though it is also sometimes called "Transport Layer Security" (or TLS).

This is essentially a layer of complicated encryption that is applied to websites so that the data is transmitted in a coded format that makes it hard for hackers to read. The data must pass an internal check for the integrity of this encryption before it can be processed. If the check fails (due to data corruption, or any unexpected attempt to alter or capture the data), the encrypted data will not be exposed.

The SSL certificate applies the encryption described above to all website activity, including page and form submissions, financial transactions, and so on. This prevents data theft or other such attacks.

Wastebusters includes an up to date, state of the art SSL certificate on our site to ensure the safety, convenience and comfort of our customers at all times.